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I’m happy with the Doctor at this center. He did an excellent job with my reversible tube ligation. After seven month I got pregnant now I have a baby of three month thank you.

The Doctor at this center is a great doctor. He did my tubal reversal and was with me every step of the way I could call and text with any of my concerns and he would answer regardless of the time. we are looking forward to having a little one. thank you.

I recently had a tubal reversal surgery and my experience was Pleasant. The price was affordable and the staff were great. Overall good experience and in 2 weeks we will start trying to add a family member.

I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with the results of my tubal reversal surgery. ¬†Initially I had a lot of doubt that this procedure would work but after reading lots of good reviews about this center and the surgeon I decided to have a free consultation and after the doctor answered all my concerns and questions I knew this the best route for me to have another child again. The surgery went smoothly and after 3 months I did get pregnant and expecting our 3rd child in a few month.

Overall I really liked my surgeon who did the tubal reversal surgery at this center. He explained my procedure very well to me in medical & laymon terms (even thought I am a nurse). My pain was well control when I was discharged from the hosptial. My only negative was with his office staff that could have returned my calls faster (I guess they are too busy!). ¬†But once I had the doctor’s cel l# which he gave me, I was able to contact him directly.