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Our mission is to deliver the most advanced tubal reversal techniques safely, cost-effectively, and compassionately to our patients in a confidential manner.

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With over 25 years of experience in tubal ligation reversal, we have earned the trust of thousands of women. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures collaboration with the best in microscopic minimally invasive surgery. Under the skilled hands of our double board-certified surgeon, Aram Bonni, MD, FACS, FACOG, we uphold the highest standards of care and success for each patient we serve. Trust in our expertise to guide you on your path to parenthood.


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Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced surgical microscope, essential for proper visualization and reconstruction of your fallopian tubes.

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Our focus on excellence ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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Enjoy lifetime 24/7 access to Dr. Bonni through his cell phone for any questions or concerns.

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We offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

Money-Back Guarantee

We provide a money-back guarantee if we are unable to open at least one of your tubes. Please ask for details.

Precision Microsurgery:
Tubal Reversal

Experience minimally invasive tubal reversal in Los Angeles with a double board certified microsurgery expert. Utilizing advanced microsurgery, we ensure a swift recovery and high success rates, all with same-day discharge and continuous postoperative support.

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Premier Facilities

Our clinics are not just medical centers; they are modern sanctuaries where cutting-edge technology harmonizes with comfort in the hands of Los Angeles' double board-certified microsurgery expert. Crafted to deliver unparalleled surgical care, our facilities are equipped with the latest advancements in tubal reversal procedures, ensuring that every step of your journey is met with excellence and innovation. We use the most advanced surgical microscope, which is necessary for proper visualization and reconstruction of your fallopian tubes. Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, California, our center offers more than just exceptional medical care. It provides a nurturing environment where your comfort and well-being are paramount. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll experience the difference that state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate care can make in your pursuit of fertility renewal. Discover a new standard of excellence at our clinic, where advanced technology and personalized attention come together to empower your path to becoming a mommy again.

Unmatched Affordability

We understand the financial considerations that come with medical procedures, which is why we're committed to providing the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our promise is simple: the lowest possible prices for top-tier services. And if you find a lower offer elsewhere, we're prepared to discuss options to meet or beat it. Experience exceptional care that's within reach.

Expert Care Team

At the heart of our practice a dedicated team of professionals, each committed to providing exemplary care tailored to your unique needs are available to you. With years of collective expertise in tubal reversal surgery, we stand beside you every step of the way on your journey to parenthood. More than just medical professionals, we're compassionate allies, offering unwavering support that extends far beyond confines of the surgery room. From the initial consultation to post-operative recovery and beyond, we prioritize your well-being, ensuring you feel heard, understood, and empowered throughout the process. Our mission is simple: To help you realize your dream of expanding your family. With our expert guidance and personalized care, we're here to make that dream a reality, guiding you towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Complimentary Consultation

Experience the difference of personalized care with our complimentary consultation. We believe in laying a strong foundation for your tubal reversal journey right from the start. That's why we offer you a no cost consultation, where our expert provides personalized attention and evaluation tailored to your unique needs. During this initial step, we prioritize ensuring that you feel informed, valued, and truly understood. It's our commitment to setting the stage for a successful path to extending your family. Take the first step towards your dreams of parenthood with us.


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Our goal is to make fertility treatments both accessible and affordable for Los Angeles area patients, regardless of their financial standing. We accept various insurance plans and offer financing options through third-party lenders to help ease the financial burden of your fertility journey. For our international patients, we strive to minimize costs by collaborating with local physicians, reducing the need for an extended stay in the US.

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Our Los Angeles center’s tubal reversal offers high success, multiple pregnancies without further interventions, and minimal pain. Quick recovery, same-day discharge, and 24/7 surgeon access ensure safe, effective treatment with minimized risks.

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Welcome to the world of Dr. Bonni, a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to revisit their fertility decisions through Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery. Dr. Bonni stands out as the only surgeon with dual board certifications in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Obstetrics & Gynecology. His unique journey is further distinguished by approved fellowship training in both Urogynecology-Pelvic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, offering a rare combination of expertise under one roof.

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Most patients can begin to attempt pregnancy 4 weeks after the surgery. In our center, we do our microscopic reanastamosis through a 5cm (2 inches) incision.

Success rates may vary widely depending upon numerous factors such as age, how the tubes were tied, coexisting infertility issues, male factors, and others. In general, good candidates under 35 years of age can expect tubal reversal pregnancy rates between 65-70% within two years of the tubal reversal surgery.

No, it doesn’t. Keep in mind that your age is a factor and generally speaking, the earlier the better. So the take-home message if you are committed to having another baby is to get scheduled like yesterday.

Yes.  It is done as an outpatient procedure and under general anesthesia. You will be discharged to go home after surgery.

In straightforward cases, it is about one hour, but plan to be at our center for about 3-4 hours for preoperative, operative, and postoperative care.

You have two choices for pregnancy after tubal sterilization. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Tubal reversal. In comparison, the cost of a single cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) averages $14,000 and the average IVF success rate is 36% per cycle (takes about 2 months) attempted.

You are not too old for surgery if you are 35 years of age or older. Although being over 35 is considered Advanced Maternal Age (AMA), AMA status has nothing to do with the ability to become pregnant after tubal reversal.  Although natural pregnancy is more difficult to obtain with increasing age, pregnancy can occur at almost any age if you are having regular periods. The ability to become pregnant does not decline dramatically until after the age of 43.

Wear a comfortable button-down blouse and easy-to-put-on pants. Have warmer outerwear such as coats and jackets available in case. Leave all valuables and jewelry at home.

No, you must have a friend or family member pick you up.

Depends on what their definition of major surgery is. We perform this through one very small incision about 5 cm or about 2 in long using the most advanced state-of-the-art surgical microscope. We do it outpatient and it’s very well tolerated in general.
Many different factors come to play a role such as your BMI previous number of cesarean sections and abdominal surgeries other complicating uterine or fallopian tube procedures, and the type of tubal ligation to name a few.
For you to become a mommy again you either have to do the tubal reversal or choose to go with in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization for ladies 40 and above has about a 10% success rate and for ladies under 35 is at best around 30% per cycle. The cost is about $30,000 per cycle which is usually two months. The chance of success with tubal reversal is much higher than that although it depends on many other factors such as the type of tubal ligation the length and the quality of the leftover tube.
Surgical pain usually is consistent with the size of the incision length of the operation blood loss to name a few. In our practice, we use an advanced surgical microscope through a single small incision. Our patients can go back to sitting jobs within days and usually completely recover within 2 weeks. Post-operative pain is a subjective matter but most patients are very well controlled with non-narcotic painkillers.
This procedure is outpatient and after the surgery, you’ll be able to go home.
The downtown also depends on many other comorbid factors such as BMI other medical conditions previous surgeries the length of the surgery length of anesthesia and its related side effects but in our practice, this usually is about 2 weeks.

It’s like any other surgery ie e. bleeding, infection, injury to internal organs, risks of anesthesia, the possibility of admission to hospital for various reasons, and complications.

In our practice, this is relatively fast since we make a very small incision and use the most advanced surgical microscope for the delicate manipulation of tissues. Usually 2 weeks.