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Dreaming of Motherhood Again? Discover How to Reverse Your Tubal Ligation Safely!

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Aram Bonnie, MD FACS FACOG

The Hidden Path to Motherhood after Tubal Ligation, a letter from Dr Bonni

Dear Future Mom,

You’re here because you cherish the dream of bearing a child, of feeling the life grow inside you once again. Despite having undergone tubal ligation, the deep-seated yearning for motherhood whispers in your heart. But… you’re haunted by the thought, “What if it’s too late?” You’ve heard the daunting stories: complicated procedures, astronomical costs, and the lingering fear of never being able to conceive again. The pain of these worries is real – sleepless nights spent pondering, days filled with silent longing. The journey back to fertility feels like a distant dream, shrouded in uncertainty and myths. But here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. My name’s Dr. Aram Bonnie, and I’m the founder of ITUBAL, where we turn the dream of motherhood into reality through Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery. With over 25 years of experience, our state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles has been the cornerstone of hope for thousands of women. Our approach is safe, cost-effective, and proven, with a success rate that challenges IVF’s effectiveness, especially for women over 40. Our expertise is backed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Our method minimizes risks and promotes a rapid, smooth recovery. Our commitment to you is a personal journey back to fertility, with 24-7 direct access to your surgeon. Take the first step towards your dream of motherhood. Schedule your Free Phone Consultation today and learn how we can help you reopen the door to becoming pregnant and having a baby.


Regain Your Fertility with Expert Tubal Reversal Surgery

Our seasoned specialists offer a safe, proven method to reverse tubal ligation, enabling you to conceive naturally and fulfill your dream of adding to your family.

Advanced Surgical Techniques for Optimal Recovery

Utilizing the latest microsurgical technology in our Beverly Hills clinic, we ensure a minimally invasive procedure with reduced pain and faster healing.

Multiple Pregnancy Success Without Recurrent Costs

You'll experience the joy of becoming a mommy again with proven microscopically assisted tubal reversal surgery success

Direct Access to World-Class Surgical Expertise

Benefit from unparalleled support and guidance directly from our top-rated surgeons, ensuring personalized care and confidence throughout your journey.

Benefits and proof of working with ITUBAL

Ten bullet points that tap into the core desires and solve problems for the audience, showcasing the benefits and proof of working with ITUBAL:
Tubal reversal surgery in Los Angeles

Who is this for

Women Seeking Natural Fertility After Tubal Ligation

If you regret your tubal ligation and yearn for natural pregnancy, ITUBAL’s reversal surgery can safely restore your fertility potential.

Over 40 and Wanting to Conceive Again?

Our advanced TLRS methods offer a successful pregnancy path, outperforming IVF, even for women aged 40 and above.

Seeking Affordable Fertility Solutions Post-Ligation

ITUBAL provides a cost-efficient tubal reversal procedure, allowing you multiple chances to conceive without repeated IVF expenses.

Desiring a Quick Recovery to Fertility

Our minimally invasive surgery in Los Angeles ensures a swift, comfortable recovery, leading you faster to your pregnancy journey.

Want Personalized Care in Your Fertility Quest?

ITUBAL offers direct access to top surgeons, ensuring personalized, expert care tailored to your unique fertility needs and goals.


Reserve Surgery Affordably

Secure Your Surgical Procedure at an Unbeatable Rate Today!

Worried it won’t work for you? I tubal stands by you all the way to success. Our ongoing support continues until you achieve pregnancy.

April’s Exclusive Offer
Tubal Reversal Ligation Surgery for Just


Embark on Your Fertility Journey Again with a $200 Down Payment!

This April, embrace your chance for a new beginning with ITUBAL’s Tubal Reversal Ligation Surgery, specially priced at only $1850. Start with just $200 down and step closer to fulfilling your dream of having a baby. While there are additional fees for general anesthesia and the operating room, this one-time offer is your pathway to second-chance motherhood.

Your Second Chance to have a BABY is Here and Now!

ITUBAL is dedicated to making your journey to motherhood accessible and successful. This exclusive April special is designed to help you achieve your dream of pregnancy and childbirth. Don’t wait—spaces are limited, and your future as a mother is just a phone call away.


At ITUBAL, we boast an impressive success rate, with many patients achieving pregnancy within a year post-surgery. Let us help you turn your dream of parenthood into reality.
ITUBAL stands out with our expert care, advanced techniques, and personalized support, ensuring your best chance at successful pregnancy. Trust us for your fertility journey.
While all surgeries carry risks, ITUBAL minimizes these through advanced, minimally invasive techniques, ensuring a safe procedure with high success rates. Your safety and success are our priorities.
Recovery is swift and comfortable, with most patients resuming normal activities within a week. Choose ITUBAL for a smooth journey to fertility restoration.
Yes, women over 40 have successfully achieved pregnancy with ITUBAL’s tubal reversal, backed by our specialized techniques and expert care. Let’s explore your possibilities together.
Begin with our free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you achieve pregnancy. ITUBAL is your partner in turning fertility hope into reality.

Claim Your Free Consultation Now: Unlock the Door to Motherhood Again!


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*Please Note: Outcomes are not assured, may be temporary, and differ from person to person. Certain images depict models, not real patients. *Additional fees for general anesthesia, operating room and post-surgery recovery. *We accept a variety of insurance carriers and PPO plans. Your insurance could cover the medically necessary portion of your procedure. For example, if you have had pain, hemorrhage, headaches, menstrual irregularities, or hair loss after tubal sterilization procedure. If you have any of these symptoms please be sure to discuss it with your care consultant and your doctor.
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